Volume Reduction


  • Luna Matrix™ System: Restructures the lamellar gel that restores lost protein mass.
  • Vitamina B5: Keep hair shiny, soft and hydrated for longer.
  • Seridefrizz® Intense: Cauterizes and restores the hair fiber through protein nanocrystallization, leaving hair shiny and healthy.
  • Amazon Extracts: Blend of natural extracts that clean hair without damage the fiber.
  • Seriliss®Unique blend that combines the power of intracuticular hydration with hair alignment and gradual volume reduction.

It was developed to reduce volume, highlighting the riches of Brazilian nature.
It can be used in all types of hair, containing in its formula, raw material of national origin and of excellent quality. Its composition presents a derivative of Brazilian palm trees, used to remove the volume of the wires.

Professional Line

Produto Shampoo DEEP Cleansing | Coleção Agi Amazon

Shampoo DEEP Cleansing,

Agi Amazon deep cleansing shampoo has foaming foaming action that cleans and opens the cuticles, preparing the hair for treatment without harming the fiber.

  • 1000 ml | 33.81 fl oz
  • 60ml | 2.02 fl oz
Produto Intense LISS 3D Shine | Coleção Agi Amazon

Intense LISS 3D Shine,

With its exclusive formula composed of cacay eye, shea butter collagen is a blend of high quality acids, acts on the hair fiber temporarily turning off bridges and sulfur without aggression to the hair fiber. The result is natural, well-treated straight hair in a single product.

  • 1000 ml | 33.81 fl oz
  • 60ml | 2.02 fl oz
Produto Finishing | Coleção Agi Amazon


Agi amazon finishing brings in its formulation high nourishing and moisturizing power, which penetrates the hair fiber sealing the cuticles for maximum efficiency in the action.

  • 1000 ml | 33.81 fl oz
  • 60ml | 2.02 fl oz

Line Maintenance

Produto Shampoo Maintense | Coleção Agi Amazon

Shampoo Maintense

The Agi Amazon After Treatment shampoo gently cleanses the hair that maintains the professional treatment for longer.

  • 500 ml
Produto Condicionador Maintenance | Coleção Agi Amazon

Condicionador Maintenance

Agi Amazon Conditioner After Treatment nourishes and conditions the hair to control the volume and the frizz of the rebellious hair.

  • 500 ml
Produto Magic Liss | Coleção Agi Amazon

Magic Liss

Developed for a natural smooth effect, Agi Amazon Magic liss offers multiple magical benefits at once. In addition to the fainting effect, the hair gains progressive shine and health with use.

  • 120 g • 4.23 oz

Reference in thermal sealant for 13 years and compatible with other chemical products

Indicated for voluminous, extremely thick, colored and/or damaged by time and chemical action hair.

Professional Line

Produto Shampoo Clean | Coleção Agi Max

Shampoo Clean,

Deep cleanses hair removing impurities and promoting a slight opening of the cuticle.

  • 60ml | 2.02 fl oz
  • 500ml | 16.90 fl oz
  • 1000ml | 33.81 fl oz
Produto Instant Restore | Coleção Agi Max

Instant Restore,

It promotes a treatment that strengthens the hair fiber by creating a protective film around the hair without hardening them.

  • 60ml | 2.02 fl oz
  • 500ml | 16.90 fl oz
  • 1000ml | 33.81 fl oz
Produto Finish Balsam | Coleção Agi Max

Finish Balsam,

Agimax Finish Balsam provides shine, softness, silkiness, malleability, and thermal protection for hair fiber.

  • 60ml – 2.02 fl oz |
  • 500ml – 16.90 fl oz |
  • 1000ml – 33.81 fl oz |

Line Maintenance

Produto Shampoo | Coleção Agi Max


Shampoo Maintenance treats hair gently, removing impurities and, at the same time, nourishing hair deeply. Keeps hair shiny, soft and moisturized for longer.

  • 250ml - 8.45 fl oz
Produto Conditioner | Coleção Agi Max


Conditioner Maintenance Gradually increases the softness of the hair fibers providing more shine and malleability, forming a protective barrier against external agents.

  • 250ml - 8.45 fl oz
Produto Activ Balsam | Coleção Agi Max

Activ Balsam

Activ Balsam Maintenance Ultra disciplining balsam enriched with fine oils that control hair volume without losing it naturalness. It contains term protective agents and brightness activators.

  • 250ml - 8.45 fl oz
Produto Mask | Coleção Agi Max


Deep moisturizing mask that helps Agi Max treatment last longer. It's a powerful oxidant rich in OMEGA 3 and 6. Contains liposomes enriched with Vitamin B 5 and Hazelnut Oil.

  • 300ml - 10.58 fl oz

Agi Max DNA

Totally Formaldehyde and Glyoxylic Acid Free

• Gradual volume reduction for better results control

• Indicated for hard to control, voluminous and curly hair

Professional Line

Produto Shampoo DNA | Coleção Agi Max DNA

Shampoo DNA,

With power of a hydration foam and opening the cuticles to receive the treatment, clean without damaging the

  • 60ml | 2.02 fl oz
  • 500ml | 16.90 fl oz
Produto Anti-Volume DNA | Coleção Agi Max DNA

Anti-Volume DNA,

Anti-Volume DNA provides gradual volume reduction, capillary fiber recovery and intracuticular protection.

  • 60ml | 2.02 fl oz
  • 500ml | 16.90 fl oz
Produto Finishing DNA | Coleção Agi Max DNA

Finishing DNA,

Finishing DNA seals the cuticles, increasing the water retained in the hair, preventing dehydration and keeping them healthy for longer time.

  • | 55ml – 2.02 fl oz
  • | 460ml – 16.90 fl oz

The Agi Max Plus collection is composed by butters and vegetal oils extracted from Murumuru seeds. Found in the Brazilian palms, Murumuru is plenty obtained in the north region of Brazil. The butter taken from those seeds has nutritive properties which provide silkiness, deep moisturizing, intense shine, anti frizz action, untangling and hair fiber recovery, protecting from external dryness agents

Professional Line

Produto Step 1 - Shampoo Deep Cleansing | Coleção Agi Max Plus

Step 1 - Shampoo Deep Cleansing,

Has a foaming action. deep cleasing hair without damaging its fiber.

  • 60 ml | 2.02 fl oz
  • 500 ml | 16.90 fl oz
  • 1000 ml | 33.81 fl oz
Produto Step 2 - Reconstructive Butter | Coleção Agi Max Plus

Step 2 - Reconstructive Butter,

Promotes deep nutrition and emollience, making hair more manageable, frizz free and with as intense shine.

  • 60 ml | 2.02 fl oz
  • 500 ml | 16.90 fl oz
  • 1000 ml | 33.81 fl oz
Produto Step 3 - Finishing Mask | Coleção Agi Max Plus

Step 3 - Finishing Mask,

instantly nourishes your hair, untangling and promoting fiber softness.

  • 55g | 1.94oz
  • 460g | 16.22oz
  • 920g | 32.45oz

Line Maintenance

Produto Shampoo Maintenance | Coleção Agi Max Plus

Shampoo Maintenance

gently cleanses providing full emollience and volume control on frizzy hair.

  • 250 ml
Produto Conditioner Maintenance | Coleção Agi Max Plus

Conditioner Maintenance

Agi Max Plus Maintenance Conditioner nourishes and condition hair due to Amazonian active Murumuru butter controlling volume on frizzy hair.

  • 240 g
Produto Hair Mask Maintenance | Coleção Agi Max Plus

Hair Mask Maintenance

Agi Max Plus Hair Mask restores hair naturalness bringing extreme softness and long term anti-frizz control.

  • 250 g

• 1 step only volume reduction.

• 3 product versions for 3 hair versions (Thin, Blond Highlighted and Thick)

• Formaldehyde and Glyoxylic Acid Free

Professional Line

Produto Co-Wash | Coleção Agi One


Conditioner provides "Long Lasting Liss" effect which align and protect the hair fiber. For frizzy and volumous hair.

  • 1000 ml
Produto Co-Wash Violet | Coleção Agi One

Co-Wash Violet,

Conditioner has a casting effect which neutralizes the yellow shades and realigns the hair fiber. For blond and highlighted hair.

  • 1000 ml
Produto Sérum | Coleção Agi One


The Agi One Sérum Conditioner is an expert on shielding the hair, reducing frizz and "faint effect". For thick and rebels hair.

  • 1000 ml
Produto Deep Cleasing | Coleção Agi One

Deep Cleasing,

Cleans hair and scalp, taking off the oiliness without damage hair fiber, removing impurities and repairing hair for other procedures.

  • 1000 ml | 33.81 fl oz
  • 500ml | 16.90 fl oz

Line Maintenance

Produto Shampoo Maintenance | Coleção Agi One

Shampoo Maintenance

Developed to increase the durability of the treatment and to keep your hair hydrated, reduces the volume and makes the hair softer and realigned much longer.

  • 500 ml
Produto Conditioner Maintenance | Coleção Agi One

Conditioner Maintenance

The combinated use with Shampoo Agi One Maintenance ensures that the treatment lasts much longer. Keeps your hair hydrated, controlling the volume and providing softness to your hair.

  • 500 ml
Produto Thermo Control | Coleção Agi One

Thermo Control

Forms a film that seals the cuticles and shields your hair from damage caused by heat of the dryer and flat iron. Prolongs the smooth effect, decreases the volume, moisturizes and conditions the hair, restoring shine and softness lost for damage caused in chemical processes.

  • 120ml – 4.06 fl oz


Developed for volume reduction highlighting the brazilian nature wealth. It can be used in all hair types, its formulation contains high quality Brazilian raw materials. Its formulation has a derivative from the Brazilian palms, used to take off hair volume.

Professional Line

Produto Shampoo Anti-Residue | Coleção Nutrimax

Shampoo Anti-Residue,

Anti-Residue Shampoo #1 gently cleanses the hair, removing scalp residue without harming the hair.

  • | 60ml – 2.02 fl oz
  • | 500ml – 16.90 fl oz
Produto Anti-Volume | Coleção Nutrimax


Anti-Volume #2 recovers all properties that contribute to healthy hair, providing immediate perception of hydration, enhancing the capillary surface and returning natural glow to the hair.

  • 60ml | 2.02 fl oz
  • 500ml | 16.90 fl oz
  • 1000ml | 33.81 fl oz
Produto Sealing | Coleção Nutrimax


Sealing #3 contains in its formulation actives that penetrate the capillary fiber that are released during the pause time until the end of the treatment.

  • | 60ml – 2.02 fl oz
  • | 500ml – 16.90 fl oz


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