Our treatments were developed to rescue hair from all day long damages. Our collections are focused on different damage levels at maximum efficiency to solve the problem.

Day by Day


Indicated for day by day treatment, its balanced formulation has derivatives from amino acids responsible for hair re-structuring.

Indication: for day by day use, its balanced formulation has derivatives from amino acids responsible for hair re-structuring. Action: reduces double ends, restore damaged hair and promotes tridimensional shine which turns hair resistant as its agents are protectors from chemical and mechanic actions.


Treat System - Shampoo

Shampoo all hair types

Damage repair system which keeps hair treated and revitalized. Promotes dimensional glow wiping gently without damaging the hair fiber.
1000 ml - 33.81 fl oz

Treat System - Condicionador

Conditioner for all hair types

Strength, endurance, nutrition, revitalization and hydration. Promotes clearance on wires, repairs damages and promotes protective action. Vitamin B5, Silicones, noble oils and Polyquaternium 7.
460 g - 16.23 oz
920 g - 32.45 oz

Treat System - Shampoo cabelos normais e oleosos

Shampoo normal to oily hair

Gently cleanses the hair restoring lost proteins by the action of natural agents. Its unique formula provides a balance of oil.
500 ml - 16.91 fl oz

Treat System - Shampoo Quimicamente Tratados

Shampoo hair chemically treated

Gently cleanses without damaging the fiber, providing greater durability to chemical treatments, restoring softness and slowing fading in colored hair.
500ml - 16.91 fl oz

Treat System - Gloss

Hair gloss

Damage repair system that keeps the hair treated and revitalized. Protects the hair from the effect of time and mechanical heat such as flat iron and hair dryer. Provides tridimensional brightness to the hair fiber with smart silicones and Brazilian Nut's oil.
120 g - 4.23 oz

Treat System - Máscara

Deep repair mask for all types of hair

Restructures damaged hair, giving shine, flexibility and body to the hair fiber. With high-precision active, restores the hair, returning their form and vitality. Dragoxat EH and Incroquat UV.
450 g - 15.87 oz

CC Cream


Treatment with exclusive Vitamino Acid’s system that enhance hydration, texturing and mass replacement of the hair fiber.

Indication: This collection is indicated for hair which needs treatment for wear by chemical or mechanical actions or sun, beach or swimming actions also.
Action: High technology with intelligent action for hair fiber re-texturing . Provides 18 hair benefits leaving them healthy.

Vitamino’s Acid Complex

Based on the amino acid composition of the CMC (Cell Membrane Complex)
of the hair, we selected 11 amino acids more 3 vitamins which act in synergy. The cationic microspheres used were developed through encapsulation technology represented by marine collagen and glycosaminoglycans coated with quaternized wheat protein, positively charged. How are encapsulated, act selectively, as each sphere will act in a meaningful way in the areas of higher porosity, avoiding unnecessary burden that can weigh hair or irritate the scalp.


CC Cream - Shampoo

Shampoo CC Cream

Deep cleans and prepares the hair to the benefits of treatment with exclusive Vitamino Acid's Complex.
500 ml - 16.91 fl oz

CC Cream - Tratamento

Treatment CC Cream

With the possibility of 3 different uses - moisturizer cream, conditioner and leave-on.
460 g - 16.23 oz

CC Cream Power Dose

Power Dose 60s

Deep treatment with exclusive Vitamino's Acid Complex to complete replacement of the mass and retexturing of the hair fiber in just 60 seconds.
40 ml - 1.35 fl oz



Resistance and strength to the capilar fiber with deep nourishment that restores the health of your damaged hair.

Indications: Acts like a plastic hair surgery on deeply damaged hair, restoring the wear cuticles, unprotected and damaged cortex, broken porous, opaque and elastic hair.

Faultless Seal

Chemically treated hair lost the properties that compose the hair fiber. So its appearance is opaque, lifeless, and without the strength and elasticity that the wire needs to be healthy. Sericin, main ingredient of Faultless Seal, present in the protein that forms the fiber of silk is known for its properties of strength and nutrition, delivering the beauty back to your hair.


Resistance Shampoo


Its nanotechnology formula of sericin promotes pre-treatment to the hair, nourishing, strengthening and making them more resistant.
500 ml - 16.91 fl oz

Resistance CO


Exclusive silicon nanoparticle system that helps the maintenance of the treatment, promoting strong conditioning and providing suppleness.
460 g - 16.23 oz

Resistance Máscara

Hydration mask and reconstruction

A system of liposomes that act in the restructuring of the hair, filling the mass lost by oxidative and chemical processes, returning resistance and stability to the hair.
460 g - 16.23 oz

Resistance Fluído


Compound nanotechnological of liposomes, which reconstitute the lipid rate, stimulates cellular changes, reinforcing the cohesion between the cuticles and forming a protective barrier.
250 ml - 8.45 fl oz

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